Testimonials of Professor David Block, South Africa


"Professor Block is an outstanding speaker who is magnestising on a stage. He captures the audience from the outset and holds them in the palm of his hand through an incredible journey of space and time. After using Professor Block at several events, it was clear that a standing ovation from the audience was the natural response. A truly inspirational and fantastic speaker for any event."

"Prof David Block's recent talk at St Francis church in Johannesburg was a tour de force which left his observer feeling a but overwhelmed. From the Big Bang to the very latest satellite telescope images, from Sir Isaac Newton's little telescope which sat on a desk, to the $100m telescopes which are five storeys high and sit atop mountains or in deserts, from a man on the moon to galaxies "far, far away," we were transported on a magical journey of discovery across space and time and ultimately into ourselves.

The journey to faith, of a young man from Krugersdorp, backed by a lifetime of study at the forefront of astronomy, provided the perspective and empathy to help us to understand that "the universe is not an accident".

I don't think that anyone who was present could disagree with Prof Block that, in the words of the writer of Psalm19, "the Heavens declare the Glory of God". At the same time, we were brought face to face with the daily miracle of the birth of a child, while being reminded forcibly of the influence that just one person can have on the life of others. In the case of Prof Block, it was his Grade 1 teacher, Dorothy Rogers, who had a profound influence on him.

At the end of this extraordinary and humbling, but nevertheless exhilarating tour of the universe, covering billions of years and billions of miles, Dr Block brought us gently back to the here and now. He reminded us that it is not in outer space that we must seek our human dignity, but in the ordering of our inner space. He pointed out that one negative thought can block out our light and I found that a frightening thought when we are expected to shine as a light in the world!

John Schultz, minister

"The people just keep coming - 120 of them in all, packing out the Glenhaven Retirement Centre hall. There is a buzz of excitement in the crowd. David Block was the draw card that Sunday evening presenting "BEYOND - the heavens declare the glory of God." We were reminded that there is much more to the world that which is immediately visible. We saw the glory of the Creator displayed in the universe and in the Northern Lights. But much more than that: we witnessed David's love for the Lord Jesus Christ and how, as an astronomer, he had learnt to believe in the worship of Him."

Glenhaven Retirement centre resident

"We have been so inspired by your messages that you have brought on the different occasions when we have invited you to preach to us at New Life Church. The feedback from our congregation has been so positive and we have personally heard of lives that have been influenced and transformed by the truths you have shared. Thank you for the way the Lord uses you to impart His Word to us in your capacity as a world renowned astronomer, a Jewish Believer and always with such a wealth and passion and presence of the Holy Spirit. We will certainly be seeing you again! Grace and Shalom to you"

Love from Chris and Lisa Stark, Senior Pastors - New Life Church, Johannesburg

"I've known Prof Block for ten years now and have watched him grow in wisdom and his love for truth. I believe he is one of the greatest minds in the world right now on the relationship between faith and science. David is replacing Stephen Hawking's warped view on God with a clear conviction that you and I have been created in the image of the God of the Universe and that we exist to reflect His greatness and participate with Him for restoration of all things."

Jac Adamo, Pastor - Godfirst Church, Midrand

"David Block is to South Africa what Carl Sagan was to American astronomy - his pioneering discoveries are reshaping astronomical paradigms, and his imprint on human culture is a legacy to all South Africans as you build your future in the techonological 21st century."

John Kormendy - US astronomer

"David Block is one of South Africa's greatest jewels, an ambassador for astronomy."

Debra Elmegreen - Former President of the American Astronomical Society, President of the International Astronomical Union (IAU)

Students - Cornwall Hill College, Pretoria, South Africa

"I would like to thank you so much for your inspirational words and especially for sharing your inspiring story with us which gave so much hope to me and made me truly feel like I am part of such an amazing universe. I will always remember to look up at the cosmos and always gain hope from them."

"Dear Prof. Block - Thank you for taking time out of your day to share these words of wisdom with us. We sincerely appreciate it as you can see from many the comments above. Thank you for reminding us to look up, especially in the day and age when we are constantly looking down at our cell phones, situations, and sadly most often ourselves. To tell a generation that often doubts themselves and their abilities, that the universe is so framed that it might bear our names, was breath-taking and left us all in awe. In terms of Mr Hawking’s 3 questions, the answers I still do not know, but maybe that’s the point, to not know. Maybe the whole reason that the universe is framed as such, is so that we might find our purpose, our own reason. In a time of hopelessness, you have given me hope, and I am eternally grateful. I certainly hope that I end up like you one day: one of the people crazy enough to change the world."

"Thank you so much for your inspiring words, Professor. You gave many of us hope and I thank you for that. At this time of desperation, it was refreshing to hear your positive message. Thank you for being the inspiration you are!"

"Thank you so much for an absolutely inspiring presentation. “Chase your passion, not your pension” - these words spoke volumes to me. Thank you for taking your time to talk to us this evening!"

"Thank you so much, Professor Block, for taking the time to share even just a fraction of your wisdom with us! You are such an inspirational person and it was such a privilege to be able to gain this incredible insight from you. Thank you for reminding us to always "look up" even when the going gets tough!"