God and the Astronomer

This article is primarily the story of Professor David Block's life and how the book of general revelation (nature) pushed him towards the book of special revelation (the Bible) and helped him understand more about God, whose creation he viewed through his telescope.

Professor David Block, Astronomy South Africa

Questions about Faith

I was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family in Krugersdorp, South Africa. Sitting in shul (synagogue), I would be enthralled as our rabbi expounded how God was a personal God. God spoke to individuals such as Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob - and many others. I pondered much how I fit into all of this. By the time I entered university, I became deeply concerned that I had no assurance that God was indeed a personal God. I did know that He was a historical God and that He delivered our people from the hands of Pharaoh. But, He seemed so far removed from me in Krugersdorp. Where was the personality and vibrancy of a God who could speak to me?

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Chasing The Star

You are invited listen to renowned astronomer, Professor David Block, as he presents "Chasing the Star: Exploring Christmas". You won't want to miss this!
"A phenomenal Jewish scientist and follower of Jesus Christ. This combination makes Professor Block a powerful tool for the advancement of the gospel."
Wikus Stander (Pastor)

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"When great minds meet"

When Professor Stephen Hawking, considered one of the greatest minds in living memory, and who passed away in March 2018, at the age of 76, visited South Africa in 2008 to launch the Next Einstein initiative, he was accompanied by Wits Professor David Block, on a visit to meet former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

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Louis Markos interviews David Block

Houston Baptist University professor, Louis Markos, interviews Professor David Block (virtually) during the Covid-19 quarantine period.
David Block is both a committed Jewish believer in Jesus Christ and a top-notch astronomer, whose research has twice been featured on the cover of the planet’s foremost scientific journal Nature. Block finds no conflict between his professional career and his daily walk with the Creator of the universe. Indeed, if you ask him, he will not hesitate to confirm that the two parts reinforce each other.

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Louis Markos interviews David Block

The Star of Bethlehem - From an Astronomer’s Perspective

The story of scholars from the east, following the Christmas Star, seeking to find the King of the Jews, has been told countless numbers of times. It is a story filled with awe, wonder, and intrigue, as the scriptures do not give astronomers much information about what the Christmas Star may have been. The first truth before us is that Jesus was a young Jewish child, aged approximately two years, when the scholars (wise men) from the east found Him in the arms of Mary his mother, in a house – not a manger.

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Hemelreuse se botsing - Piepklein stofdeeltjies los raaisel op

Terwyl die vroegste dinosouriërs op die Aarde gewandel het, 210 miljoen jaar gelede, was daar ’n enorme, byna volskaalse trompop botsing tussen twee bekende sterrestelsels. ELSABÉ BRITS skryf oor dié navorsing wat vandeesweek bekend gemaak is onder leiding van ’n SuidAfrikaanse sterrekundige.
Gloeiende vuurringe soos gesien in die Andromeda-sterrestelsel. Die buitering het ’n deursnee van 65 000 ligjaar. Die nuut ontdekte binnering gee bewyse van ’n groot botsing van voor. Die Spitzer-ruimteteleskoop is in 700 verskillende rigtings gedraai om die beeld te kry wat uit 3 000 verskillende data-raampies bestaan.

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