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Business & Educational presentations

Different titles for business, motivational presentations, and general astronomy talks.

The Power of Vision

In this presentations, audiences learn how to:
• Create a new mind set in your personal and corporate life;
• Thrive on Chaos;
• Embrace time dependent boundaries with a highly positive work ethic;
• Find, and stay at the cutting edge of their personal dreams and aspirations;
• Embrace unity in diversity;

Each presentation is tailor-made for the occasion and for the specific group.

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Our Universe: Accident or Design?

This presentation is both an intellectual and visual feast. Colour photographs show planets, nebulae, stars and galaxies - including some of the most distant objects discerned in the universe. Professor Block probes the meaning of their immensity and the complexity of the universe and explores evidence for design.

Comments about "Our Universe: Accident or Design?"
"Professor Block offers a unique opportunity to weigh the evidence for themselves." Arno A Penzias, Nobel Prize winner in Physics.
"I find [Professor Block's] eloquent defence of a Divine Planner congenial and satisfying." The late Owen Gingerich, Professor of Astronomy, Harvard University.

Suitable for ages 13+

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What is Time?

Our entire schedules, each and every day, are dominated by TIME. But what precisely is Time? In this presentation, Professor David Block takes audiences to the cutting edge of one of the most elusive answers to questions they may ask about time.

To seek for answers, Professor Block travels to the land of Papua New Guinea, north of Australia. He seeks to understand how the earlier local inhabitants of Papua New Guinea comprehended the concept of time, without having a physical calendar or a watch.

Curiously, there is the most riveting parallel behind the Papua New Guinean notions of time, and time as perceived by one of the greatest scientists and cosmologists of the modern era, Professor Stephen Hawking whom Professor Block met in 2008.

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Einstein's Piano

At an astronomy observatory in Florence sits a piano - a grand piano once played by one of the greatest scientists of all time: Albert Einstein. This presentation explains the remarkable history of that piano, while also probing the family history of Robert Einstein, a cousin of Albert Einstein, who lived outside Florence.

Also featured in this presentation is the book The Sky Falls - a brilliant novel, which was awarded the highly esteemed Premio Viareggio Opera Prima award in 1961. The Sky Falls offers a tragic, moving and most touching insight written by one of the young adopted twin girls, Lorenza Mazzetti, of Robert Einstein and his family.

A central thread of The Sky Falls is the processing of the SS massacre of the wife and daughters of Robert Einstein at the Villa Il Focardo, south of Florence, on 3 August 1944. The villa once housed that grand piano too.

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Looking up in Wonder

This presentation will show the immensity and vastness of our expanding universe. Interwoven in the show will be Professor Block's personal account of how the study of astronomy led to his understanding of the 'fine tunings' in the Universe.

Remarkable and beautiful photographs, many secured through some of the world's largest telescopes, including the Hubble Space Telescope and the new James Webb Space Telescope, will take you from neighbouring planets to recent comets, distant stars and nebulae. You will find yourself looking back in time, in some cases millions of light years.

Professor Block will start from Planet earth, move on to the other planets in our solar system, then the Sun, our closest star, and onto the furthest galaxies, in search of their meaning. While viewing the breathtaking beauty and complexity of the universe, Professor Block will address questions such as how and why the universe came into being.

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