Exploring God and Science – presentations

"Faith is never a leap in the dark. Faith is based on evidence." - Professor David Block

God and Galileo

The debate over the ultimate source of truth in our world often pits science against faith. Incorporating insights from a letter written in 1615 by famed astronomer Galileo Galilei, Emeritus Professor David Block - a professional astronomer - explores the relationship between contemporary science and faith.

He argues that there is a fundamental distinction between the nature of truth (which includes God's special revelation to us, by His Grace) and the truth of nature (which includes the sciences in general, and astronomy in particular).

Professor Block demonstrates how the Book of Nature is in complete harmony with the Book of Scripture, as both Books have the same author.

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The Christmas Star and other Heavenly Miracles

In this overwhelmingly beautiful presentation, Professor Block leads us on a magical journey of exploration of the heavens. We learn how the universe came into being; get a sense of the immensity of the cosmos and view images of a variety of astronomical objects, through many of the world's greatest telescopes.

As we travel through space, Professor Block will bring us back home, to Planet Earth, and the amazing astronomical events which led the wise men to the Messiah of Israel.

We will also be mesmerised by David Block's journey to faith from being a young Orthodox Jewish man to his meeting with the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ (Y'shua Ha'Mashiach)

Suitable for ages 5+

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Our Universe: Accident or Design?

This presentation is both an intellectual and visual feast. Colour photographs show planets, nebulae, stars and galaxies - including some of the most distant objects discerned in the universe. Professor Block probes the meaning of their immensity and the complexity of the universe and explores evidence for design.

Comments about "Our Universe: Accident or Design?"
"Professor Block offers a unique opportunity to weigh the evidence for themselves." Arno A Penzias, Nobel Prize winner in Physics.
"I find [Professor Block's] eloquent defence of a Divine Planner congenial and satisfying." The late Owen Gingerich, Professor of Astronomy, Harvard University.

Suitable for age 13+

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Looking up in Wonder/ The Cosmos is Shouting/ From Outer Space to Inner Space

This slide presentation will show the immensity and vastness of our expanding universe. Interwoven in the show will be Professor Block's personal account of how the study of astronomy led to his understanding of 'fine tunings' in the Universe.

Remarkable and beautiful photographs, many secured through some of the world's largest telescopes, including the Hubble Space Telescope and the James Webb Space Telescope, will take you from neighbouring planets to recent comets, distant stars and nebulae. You will find yourself looking back in time, in some cases, millions of light years.

Professor Block will either take the audience from Planet earth, move on to the other planets in our solar system, then the Sun, our closest star, and onto the furthest galaxies, in search of their meaning or he will take us on a journey from the furthest cluster of galaxies in outer space, with explanations of the Big Bang theory and other astronomical events and objects. While viewing the breath-taking beauty and complexity of the universe, Professor Block will address questions such as how the universe came into being, our place in the universe and specifically, on Planet Earth.

He leads us towards introspection, to examine what is happening in our hearts. You will be wowed by the beautiful images, moved by God's care for His creation and challenged to consider the choices we make and the health of our souls.

You are sure to be blessed and inspired by what you will hear and see. Professor Block's dramatic presentation of the wonderland of the stars, plus his spiritual emphasis and quest, will leave a lasting impression on all who attend.

Suitable for ages 5+

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