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David Block - Professor

2020 Programme

May 2020                           


ST Andrews Church

             22/24 May 2020              


Church Unlimited

31 July 2020 


Andrew Murray DRC - 18h00

               16 August 2020         


GrowthPoint - Morning

Presentation of "God and Galileo" in Australia and New Zealand

The debate over the ultimate source of truth inour world often pits science against faith. Incorporating insights froma letter written in 1615 by famed astronomer Galileo Galilei, Emeritus Professor David Block - a professional astronomer - explores the relationship between contemporary science and faith.

He argues that there is a fundamental distinction between the nature of truth (which includes God's special revelation to us, by His Grace) and the truth of nature (which includes the sciences in general, and astronomy in particular).

Professor Block demostrates that the Book of Nature is in complete harmony with the Book of Scripture, both Books have the same author.

Schedule: TBC due to Covid-19 Pandemic

- September 13th - Perth, Tim Healy, Riverview Church. (2x Sunday morning services)
- September 20th - Melbourne, Dr Cabal
- September 27th - Auckland, Dr Tristande Chalain, (Sunday morning service)
- September 27th - Auckland, Pastor Tak Bhana, Church unlimited (Sunday evening service)
- September 28th - University of Auckland, Dr N. Hoggard, (Chapel - evening service)
- September 29th - Auckland, Tony Spandow, (Wednesday evening serivce)
- October 3rd - Melbourne, Celebrate Messiah, Rabbi Lawrence Hirsch/Louise Hirsch, (Saturday night)
- October 11th- Perth, Dr Andries Botha, (Sunday morning service)

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Professor David Block

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